Adenium Obesum Seeds

Adenium Obesum is originally from Africa; south of Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Kenya. It was the first breed imported to Thailand. Presumably, it was imported from Indonesia. It had become widespread in Thailand so sometimes it is called Thai breed or native breed. The most unique characteristic of this breed is that it has many branches, rather small caudex, glossy leaves, no light green hair, pink flowers with redish pink petals, yellow cone, five pollen tubes. Later, this breed began to be imported from United States, Holland, Taiwan and the breed had been developed and began to be called differently.

Adenium Obesum
(Photo from MaiDok Mag Thailand.)

Adenium Obesum is believed to be imported from Holland and named “Obesum” instead of Holland.

We have the seeds, stems, seedlings and cuttings for you.

Notes: Adapted from Assoc. Dr. Sawitree Malaiphan

1.Obesum Mixed Color Seeds

Obesum Mixed Color Seeds are the seeds of Adenium Obesum with no distinction of their colors and breeds. They are very suitable to be used as stump for grafting

Adenium Obesum

2.Obesum Selected Color Seeds - Single layer flower

We have the following Obesum seeds with separate colors ranging from hybrid seeds to cross hand pollination seeds:

Adenium Obesum

Adenium Obesum selected color seeds are hybrid seeds, Seedling from germination are not stable. Often not the desired color and looks like inferior breeding. For example. In case of germination white flower color seed sometime the seedling are not white color. If you want to have beautiful flowers was correct variety. Recommended to buy a grafted plant.

2.1 Obesum Red Color Seeds - Single layer flower.

2.2 Obesum White Color Seeds - Single layer flower.

2.3 Obesum Pink Color Seeds - Single layer flower.

2.4 Obesum Purple Color Seeds - Single layer flower.

2.5 Obesum Multi Color Seeds - Single layer flower.

3.Obesum Selected Color Seeds - Double layer flower

Not Avaliable