Adenium Arabicum - Yak Saudi

Its origin lies in southern and western Arab peninsula. The trunk is tall and big. The leaves have delicate hair. The flowers are pink and of small size. It blossoms at the branches and its trunk. The pods are usually red. The pods and seeds are big. This breed can be divided into two characteristic according to its trunk shape.

Adenium Arabicum - Yak Saudi
  • Tall trunk like a perennial trunk: The trunk is tall. The trunks grow straight out of the caudex. The trunks grow better vertically. It was reported to be seen as tall as 4 meters in Thailand, the breed name "Pet Nar Wang - PNW" and etc.
  • Short trunk: The trunks grow out of the base of the caudex. They grow better horizontally. The caudex's base is huge. It can be as huge as 1 meter and 2.50 meters high which was seen in Thailand , the breed name “Yak Yemen -YM” and ect.
Adenium Arabicum - Yak Saudi

This breed has been gradually imported from the Middle East during the last 20 years. The growth rate is faster than native breeds. This breed have the big caudex and high trunk. In Thailand the name of this breed. It's called according to the place of plantation; for example, Yak Lopburi, Yak Singburi and Petch Mueang Kong (Korat). This breed has a very diverse character because it has been modified for a long time. The baby plant becomes so different from the original breed.

Adenium Arabicum - Yak Saudi

We have Arabicum seeds, seedlings , plants and cutting plants for you.

Arabicum in Thailand can be categorized as:

1. Arabicum : Yamen (YM)

  • 1.1The mother plant is seedling and imported from Yemen.
  • 1.2The characteristics of Yemen.
  • Strong trunk and branches, frequent joints along the trunk.
  • Large and rounded green leaves with no hair.
  • Fruitful flowers, blossoming in clusters, small-sized flowers, light pink flowers.
  • Large caudex, the trunks grow like a bar horizontally from the caudex.
  • The largest caudex discovered had an 80-centimeter-long diameter and was 2.5 meters tall.
  • Rounded pods and seeds, big seeds.
  • Seedling with high rate of species' stability.

2. Arabicum : Ka-Set (KS)

  • 2.1The mother plant is cutting plant was imported from Saudi Arabia.
  • 2.2The characteristics of Kaset
    • The caudex of seedling and cutting grows fast.
    • The trunks grow like a bar and spread horizontally, usually 2-3 meters high.
    • Round and soft leaves with hair on both sides.
    • Fruitful flowers, blossoming on the trunks and branches throughout the year, especially fruitful in summer and winter.
    • Difficult to naturally pollinate, fat pods, short and fat seeds, 50-60 seeds per pod.
    • The seedlings have high species stability.

3. Arabicum : Sing-Bu-Ri (SBR) / Arabicum : Pet-Muang-Kong (PMK)

  • 3.1The mother plant is planted in Singburi province, called Yak Singburi, later transferred to Kong district, Nakorn Ratchasima province, called Pet-Mueang-Kong.
  • 3.2The characteristics of SBR/PMK.
    • The cuttings are beautiful, tall trunk, grow better horizontally, 3-5 meters high.
    • The plant grown from seed (seedling) has a beautiful round caudex with smooth green color.
    • Fruitful flowers, blossoming in clusters, small-sized flowers, pink flowers.
    • Light green leaves, soft and hairy leaves, tapering leaves, pointed leaf tip.
    • Fruitful pods, long pods and seeds.
    • The seedlings are either glossy leaves or hairy leaves.

4. Arabicum : Lop-Bu-Ri (LBR)

  • 4.1The mother plant was grown from seed. It was imported from Saudi Arabia when it was young and planted in Lopburi province so we call Yak Lopburi.
  • 4.2The characteristics of Yak Lopburi
    • The trunk and branches are strong, lumps at the trunk and noticeable joint line.
    • The caudex of the plant grown from seed or cuttings grow fast and big, big trunk, it grows both vertically and horizontally, 1.5-2 meters high.
    • Long and tapering leaves, rounded leaf tip, soft leaves, very hairy on both sides.
    • Small-sized flowers, light pink flowers, moderate blossoming rate.
    • Moderate pod bearing rate, medium-sized pods and seeds.
    • Medium-sized tree, the plant grown from seed is beautiful and 80% of them are perfect.

5. Arabicum : Pet-Na-Wang (PNW)

  • 5.1It is said that the mother plant of "Phet Na Wang" planted in front of the palace in Saudi Arabia. There is importers the branches to cuttings and cultured in Thailand.
  • 5.2The characteristics of Pet Na Wang.
    • Large tree, can be as high as 5 meters, rather weak branches, grow vertically more than horizontally.
    • Large leaves, soft leaves with hair, rounded leaf tip.
    • Dark pink flowers, noticeable line inside the cone.
    • Moderate pod bearing rate, medium-sized pods.
    • The seedlings grow fast but diverse in terms of characteristics.
  • 5.3There are two types of Pet Na Wang: Pet Na Wang A5 and Pet Na Wang A6.
    • A5: rounded leaves, short tree.
    • A6: tapering leaves, tall tree.

6. Arabicum : Black Giant-Sing Buri Series (BG-SBR)

  • 6.1The mother plant was grown from seed and imported from Saudi Arabia when it was small and planted in Singburi
  • 6.2The characteristics of Black Giant- Singburi Series
  • Black trunk, Strong trunk, Frequent joints, The buds on the trunk are white. Therefore saw black and white throughout the tree.
  • Tapering leaves, pointed leaf tip, With a red line in the middle of the leaf.
  • Light pink flowers, small-sized flowers, fruitful flowers.
  • Medium-sized tree, growing both vertically and horizontally, the caudex's diameter is 80 cms long, 1.5-2 meters high.
  • Moderate pod bearing rate, medium-sized pods and seeds.
  • The seedlings show good characteristics but blacker than the mother plant.

7. Arabicum: Black Giant - Korat Series (BG-KR)

  • 7.1Characteristics of Black Giant- Korat Series.
  • Black-brown or purple brown caudex, trunk , branches. Fast growing of caudex and branches. There are many buds on the trunk. 1 - 2 meters high.
  • Green leaves, hair on the back of the leaves, soft leaves, brown meridian nerve, rounded leaf tip, long leaves and soft hair if perfectly grown.
  • Pale pink flowers, separate petals, blossoming from its bottom to branch top. The pod have reddish brown colour and 10-15 cm long.
  • Easy care, growing fast, beautiful caudex and trunk's color.

8. Arabicum : Luang Por Dho (LPD)

  • 8.1Characteristics of Luang Por Dho.
  • Brownish white caudex, trunk and branches.
  • Green leaves, glossy leaves, pointed leaf tip.
  • Pink flowers, fruitful flowers.
  • Big pods and seeds.
  • Seedling grows fast and diverse in characteristics.

9. Arabicum: Ratchaburi (RBR)

  • 9.1Characteristics of Yak Ratchaburi.
  • Overall characteristics are like Pet Na Wang A6
  • Big pods, especially long seeds.
  • Plant grown from seed grows very fast and diverse in characteristics.

10.Arabicum: Ong Ka Rak (OKR)

  • 10.1Characteristics of Yak Ong Ka Rak.
  • Overall characteristics are rounded leaves with hair.
  • Very low pod bearing rate, cross hand pollination often fails resulting in very few seeds, rare plant grown from seed
  • Plant grown from seed shows good characteristics similar to Socotanum group or usually called Thai Soco hairy leaves

Arabicum : Yak-Saudi

It's usually called in short Arabicum. In fact, the name is used to identify its origin: Arab peninsula. The plants imported from Arab peninsula to Thailand can be categorized as follows:

  1. "Arabicum - Yak-Saudi" or shortly called "Arabicum". This is the really big tree. In the past, the bigger the tree, the more elegant and more expensive. But it was later modified to be smaller as in "Arabicum Compact" with glossy leaves or hairy leaves.
  2. Arabicum- RCN or shortly called "RCN" is a medium-sized bush tree. With small leaves and shiny leaves.
  3. Arabicum-Thai-Socotranum, usually called ‘Thai Soco’, short giant, glossy leaves.

"Arabicum" is a big-giant plant, "RCN" is a medium-giant plant, "Thai-Soco" is a short-giant plant. These three are similar of small pink flowers but different in the shape.

Arabicum : Yak-Saudi in the garden.

Nowadays, it's rare to find separate breed of the three in other farms but, as a breed collecter, Paisit farm plant them separately both for their seeds and seedlings. The mother cutting is original.